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Comfortable, chic clothing and fun accessories with the "I love you" (ILY) handshape!  "The 'I love you' sign is a combination of American Sign Language letters. It is widely known and used by everyone within the American Sign Language community."

Erry B.

This Black- and Deaf-owned business sells creative apparel with Black Lives Matter and other equality messages in ASL. The founding mission is to spread awareness of Black Deaf Culture.

58 Creativity

Apparel, accessories, cards, planners, and more -- 58 Creativity was founded to show ASL in clear, 3D visual art that is easy to understand, even if you’re seeing ASL for the first time!  Why the name 58 Creativity? The number 58 in ASL stands for “Discover” and “Interested”, combined with creativity- you get “Discover interest in creativity”.


Jan and Jen are twins -- one Deaf, one hearing!  They make beautiful jewelry and accessories featuring ASL handshapes.

Language Priority

This company spreads awareness about deafness, language acquisition, American Sign Language, and the Deaf community through powerful apparel designs, with some fun totes, mugs, and blankets, too.

Deaf Green Thumbs

These two educate about all things PLANTS! I've learned so much from their Instagram, and they also have adorable apparel!  "Brittany and Zachary have been friends for three decades. [They] spend a great deal of time talking about plants, shopping for plants, cultivating plants and comparing plant tools. [... Through Deaf Green Thumbs,] Brit and Zach share their planty friendship and knowledge with you. Hopefully you will cultivate a deeper appreciation for plants to share with loved ones too!"

Girl and Creativity

Fashion that empowers self-love!  Find ASL-infused messages like "Keep going", "You are loved", "Love yourself first", "BeYOUtiful", "Perfectly imperfect", and even "But first, coffee".  Their apparel and accessories are fun, creative, and radiate positivity. Check them out!

Clean School Paper

Vibrant ASL-inspired artistic prints -- shirts, totes, wall art, greeting cards, and more!  This Deaf-owned, LGBTQIA+ business is run by a talented design duo.  

Yuliette Co.

Shop from Yuliette Co. for some seriously chic and comfortable fashion, plus ayurvedic personal care.   This boutique sources from small businesses and artisans, and also features many plus-size options of their gorgeous clothing.

Raine Collective

A collective of Deaf- and female- handmade accessories and gifts!  Really unique jewelry - take a look, and watch out for new seasonal collections.

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