Online Beginner Course

Ready to commit, dive in, and get step-by-step instructions? Excited to see extra practice, explanations, and demonstrations of grammatical sentences?  Want to test your understanding with quizzes? Then the online beginner course is for you!


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use and understand asl grammar

ASL grammar is presented in a logical way that is simple and makes sense for beginners, using both English and ASL to ensure you'll understand everything.

the power of a tutor, fraction of the price

This is the system initially developed and used for private tutoring clients, now recorded and outlined for YOU! Benefit from ASLMeredith's experience as an ASL teacher and tutor over nearly 10 years.

learn on your time, from your home 

Learn and progress through lessons at your own pace, on your own schedule, from the comfort of your own home. There's no excuse; it couldn't be easier for you!

"I thoroughly enjoyed this class.  A very pleasant and patient teacher with obviously excellent teaching skills.  The course was very well structured, leaving the student feeling that, on completion, they have a good foundation to begin to communicate with others in ASL.  A great deal of additional resources were available throughout the course to supplement the lessons for those who wanted to further their learning in each lesson." - Valerie J., California

"I signed up for this course as a fairly new signer with little to no confidence in my ASL. But after taking this course, not only did I expand greatly on my knowledge of ASL and Deaf Culture, but I also am now super confident to share my new skills with the rest of the world! This course was put together neatly and the instruction was amazing - I highly recommend this course if you are wanting to learn ASL - it is a must!" - Lydia, Ontario

"I finished the beginner course during Covid stay-home. It helped me not to waste my time. I learned a lot from the course and I feel more confident to communicate with the deaf people. The structure of each model is very clear and well organized. Meredith is a great teacher! I also like the group on FB to connect with other students. Looking forward to have more online course available." - Xiaoyi, West Virginia