Learn From Home

Stuck home due to COVID-19? Have some surprise extra time on your hands?  Or has your local ASL class been canceled, and you wish you could continue learning? Don't want to lose the progress you've made so far?

Here are some tips and resources to help you begin or continue your study of American Sign Language.

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Tips for Home Study

ASLMeredith's Beginner Foundations Course is a self-paced online program to get you from zero to conversational in a matter of weeks.  Contact me if you have any questions :)

*Sign Language Center is based in NYC and - due to COVID-19 - is now offering their fantastic instruction LIVE over Zoom! All classes online run 2 hours, once a week for 6 weeks. They also offer private tutoring.

*Teach Me ASL [temporarily unavailable] also offers live online lessons, 1:1 with Gregor Lopes. He offers different 6-week courses for different levels, and each session runs one hour. No prior experience required for the beginner package!

*​ASLNYC also offers live 1:1 lessons and tutoring over Skype in addition to their local NYC classes.

*Signed with Heart's Fingerspelling 101 Course

"The letters of the alphabet are the 26 most important signs in American Sign Language (ASL) that everyone new to signing should make a top priority to learn, practice, improve, and master to communicate effectively with a Deaf person. [...] After completing this course, you will have your alphabet down and your fingerspelling and fingerspelling receptivity skills greatly improved."

*Trix Bruce's Interpeter Education

Trix is a renowned entertainer and educator, who is a joy to watch and learn from.  You can view her videos on YouTube, where she excels at conveying skilled translations of idioms, homophones, and other advanced interpreting skills.  Uplevel your signing and interpreting skills by exploring her presentations, workshops, and webinars at trixbruce.com.

ASL Connect from Gallaudet University offers several free online lessons, as well as for-credit courses and even a certificate program.

*Sign Class offers a six-class program live over zoom.  They also offer corporate classes and workshops! 

* = Deaf/HoH-founded

Useful Sites for Practice

I'm a big fan of the following resources! 

Video Lessons - excellent for beginners, and family-friendly! 

News and more (in ASL) - great for practicing receptive skills and seeing ASL in action. 

Dictionaries - when quickly looking for a specific word

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For more resources (eg: webistes, films, books), check out my recommended resources page.

Consider contributing to a Deaf-run nonprofit or business.