Hello, and WELCOME!  I'm so excited to have you here to learn, study, and practice American Sign Language (ASL).

What is ASL?

American Sign Language (ASL) is a full-fledged visual language, with complex morphological and grammatical structures equal to those of any spoken language.  ASL is used by Deaf people in North America and is the fastest-growing "foreign" language / LOTE studied in the US.

What is this website for?

This website is intended for beginner learners to access FREE lessons, demonstrations, and resources to start your ASL journey.  The pages here and content within are not intended to be a substitute for face-to-face classrooms or interaction with Deaf signers. The best way to learn and practice a language is through direct communication and practice.  However, please use these pages as an information resource to get started, find answers to your questions, and to review topics relating to ASL.  You can also browse videos and tutorials at www.aslmeredith.com 

The creator if this website (Meredith) is a certified teacher of ASL, holds a M.A. in Teaching ASL as a Foreign Language and a B.A. in linguistics, and has spent many years studying the linguistics of ASL, and exploring the history and culture of Deaf people in America and internationally, and teaching ASL to students of all ages.

For business inquiries, please contact hello (at) aslmeredith (dot) com

Who is Meredith?

I am an American Sign Language teacher focused on new learner success!

Teaching background: Hi, I'm Meredith - I am a NY State certified instructor of ASL with an M.A. in Teaching ASL as a Foreign Language from Columbia University's Teacher's College, and B.A. in Linguistics with a focus and certificate on sign languages from the University of Pennsylvania. I am passionate about Deaf Studies and ASL! I have over 10 years of experience teaching (high school and college/graduate courses) and tutoring (all ages).

How did I become fluent? Being hearing and having been exposed to ASL at a very young age from a Deaf friend, I acquired vocabulary and fingerspelling skills throughout my childhood (via books, DVDs, and night courses). In college, my formal study began with classes taught by wonderful CODA and Deaf instructors. Additionally, I spent a semester at Gallaudet University for complete immersion in Deaf Culture and Community, alongside additional linguistic study of ASL.


Live Classes

​"I had private tutoring lessons from Meredith from 2011-2012. She was extremely knowledgeable and a great communicator! She was patient with me and adapted her teaching to my style of learning right away. She "spoke only in ASL" to me from the time we signed "hello" until the end of our session, and she was able to convey everything I needed to learn effectively. Meredith is professional, but also very down-to-earth; she enabled me to also have fun along with the learning process."

- Gail S., NJ, private tutoring client, in person

"Great class! I am looking forward to continuing these classes! Meredith was very nice and very helpful!"

- Private tutoring client, Skype

"You are a great teacher who shows interest in doing what you do.  It's obvious that you care about your students and you're passionate about the subject as well as teaching it!"

- Classroom student, Graduate School, in person

"I really loved this course. I have learned so much more than I thought I would, and can't wait to learn more. I am so, so, so proud of my signing abilities. I feel like I can actually 'speak' the language!"

- Classroom student, High School, in person

Online lessons

"Just wanted to say what a joy Meredith is and a great teacher. I will continue her your videos."

- Jim, 62, online learner

"Meredith's course allowed me to go from knowing a few basic signs to being able to sign and comprehend full-on conversations! The course was organized in an efficient, organized manner which allowed me to learn as well as test my newfound knowledge and skill."

- Sydney, 18, Online learner

"I'm deaf/hh, but wasn't always so I only know a little ASL. Your online videos have helped me so much that when I finally began taking ASL classes this Spring, I started at ASL 2 (now moving on to level 3) I'm so happy to know the Deaf Community exists! Thank you so much for helping me on my journey to better communication."

- Jenny, online learner 

Educator endorsements

"I have observed Meredith as a student and a colleague of mine, and she has proven from time to time to be skilled in, dedicated to, contributive, and innovative in the development of high-quality teaching and learning programming in American Sign Language, Deaf community and culture. I look forward to seeing more of her future productions."

- Russell S. Rosen, PhD

"Meredith was one of the first people I met in my ASL career, and I am so grateful to her. She is kind, compassionate, intelligent, and encouraging. In graduate school, I was fortunate to find someone I could share my passion for education and language with. Meredith is the perfect blend of nurturing and challenging; encouraging her students to be the best version of themselves. She has so much love for her career and her students are her priority. Her knowledge of linguistics is remarkable and her willingness to share what she knows with others makes her a natural born teacher. ASL education is a small field, but Meredith stands out as an exceptional colleague, teacher, and mentor."

- Azadeh, ASL Teacher and founder at atozmindfuleducation.com

Start Learning

Ready to seriously begin learning ASL?  Get in on our online beginner course!  We'll take you from zero to conversational with intro vocabulary and grammar: American Sign Language Made Simple